Bjørn Dykesteen, naturfotograf

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The old man whatching after the children


Meeting between kings


Raven in sun and snow




Bird king


Alfa male


Red deers


What are you looking at?


Do you think they see me now?


Wolverine in strong backlight


A little bit streching


Common redpoll


Eurasian golden plover


Air acrobat


Citrin wagtail


See you


Black throated diver


Common chiffchaff


Northern wheatear


Crow on the branch


Gray wagtail with nest material


Buzzard looking for food


Cleaning the beak


Eurasian curlew in backlight


Go away says the goshawk


Keep the balance


Golden eagle jumping on branch


Hen Harriers looking at me


Oh, my god not you again!


Short eared owl



Presentation Bjørn Dykesteen


Bjørn Dykesteen, NSMiN / b

Born 1966

Member of Bryne Fotoklubb and Biofoto Rogaland


Self-taught nature photographer. Are curious about nature, I do a lot of own projects, alone but also togehter with very good photofriends. It's important to see what others are doing, and never be afraid to ask, trying, making mistake and learn by them.

You will never become fully trained. ( Luckily)

My first analog camera I bought in 1981, but it's the last 10 years I've been most active.

Nature is my very best friend, here I find the peace and security I need. In particular, I like birds of prey and predators but photographers landscapes, other animals but rarely people. Looking at street / urban photography as this looks exciting and developing. Patience is one of the prerequisites one must have as a natural photographer.

Always looking for new things / areas / methods / techniques to be able to have own development which is very important to me. Try things out of the comfort zone. I do like traveling with other nature photographers. Community creates joy / socialization / development and to master different things.

For me, the camera and nature are the best disconnection from the daily workload and all the stress among us.

Like traveling, I am lucky and has already been photographed in several countries.

Started competing in 2015, competing in Norway, the Nordic region and abroad. Will focus even more on photo contests/ salons in the years to come.



With best regards

Bjørn Dykesteen





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