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Ceiling Lamp, Mourning Dove Ranch


Four Silos 


Old Car Interior




The Angel Gabriel


Faroe Islands No. 138


Self Shadow, Da Vinci


Lone Man No. 20


Harbinger No. 22


Moai Sitting for Portrait No. 2


Run Aground


Swimming Towards the Light


Jim Bridger Power Plant


Powerlines No. 25


Powerlines No. 10


Five Sticks


Auschwitz No. 14



Monolith No. 10 


Ancient Stones No. 12


Ancient Stones No. 23


Harbinger No. 1


Time No. 2


Dunes of Nude No. 57


Dunes of Nude No. 107


Isolated No. 7


Isolated No. 15


Melting Giants No. 22


Melting Giants No. 21


Faroe Islands No. 8


Trees From A Train No. 44


Trees From A Train No. 109


Ancient Stones No. 31





Presentation Cole Thompson


At 14 years of age, I knew I was destined to be a fine art photographer.

While hiking in Rochester, NY I stumbled across the ruin of an old home that George Eastman had once owned. 

This piqued my interest and I read his biography. I was fascinated with photography and before I had completed the book, before I had even taken a photograph or seen a print develop in the darkroom, I knew that I was going to be a photographer. For the next 10 years photography was my complete existence, if I wasn’t taking pictures or working in the darkroom, I was reading every book and looking at every image I could find. 

There was nothing in my life but photography.

Even at this early age I found myself drawn to a particular style of image, one that would literally cause a physical reaction in me. They were dark images created by Adams, Weston, Bullock and others. I knew that I was destined to create such images.












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