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An photoexhibition by Cristiano Salinardi, Italy


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Central station Milan


My name is Cristiano Salinardi born in a small city next to Rome in 1980. I started take photos when I was 8 y.o. follow my uncle's step who took photos with a Nikon A1. I didn't follow my passion 'till 2 years ago when I got a Canon 1100D as birthday's present. I started learn how to take a photo again. from the start.. I didn't remember anything about this art.

In 2 years I start to love the Street Photography walking and taking photos of everything I see around me. I bought a Canon 40D 6 months after that I got my present to try a semi-professional camera with an old sensor but a strong body closest to a Professional one.

I got some commission, principally event and party... then I start to making musical video clip (video and postproduction)

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Verken här av Cristiano Salinardi säljs i Sverige som digital bildfil och måtten är 300 dpi, 12 Inches x 18 Inches. De kommer att vara redo för utskrift. Bildfilen kostar 120 USD. 

Copyright: Cristiano Salinardi


The works here by Cristiano Salinardi sold in Sweden as a digital image file and its dimensions are 300 dpi, 12 Inches x 18 Inches. They will be ready for printing. The image file costs 120 USD.

Copyright: Cristiano Salinardi

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