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A photo exhibition by Heinz Baade

Intriguing and beautiful black and white images  of Heinz Baade
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Germany, 1974 (1)



Seagull, France 1999



Germany, 1974 (2)



Grafitti, Germany 2012



My father with the Cat, Germany 1974



The Jumper, Denmark 1975



Homeless, Germany 1996



At the river Elbe, Germany 1996



Germany, 1974 (3)



Germany, 1974 (4)



Memorial concentration camp Hamburg-Neuengamme, 2014 (1)



The dead fish, Denmark 1993



Memorial concentration camp Hamburg-Neuengamme, 2014 (2)



Brittany, France, 1999 



Adriana (1), Germany 2006



Germany, 1974



Adriana (2), Germany 2006




Spring fire, Germany 2000



Germany, 1996



Exhausted man, Paris 1976 



France, (2) 1999 



My father, Germany 1975



Shoes in the tree, Germany 2010 



Black Tree, Germany 1996



Memorial "The children from Bullenhuserdamm".

This was a subcamp of the concentration camp Hamburg-Neuengamme. In this cellar the 20 Jewish children were hanged on 20 April 1945 The room is only about 9 x 12 feet tall. On the floor are to see memorial - utensils of visitors; among other things, a wreath, teddy bears and candles. On the wall are written explanations to the events - including the names of all 20 Jewish children with the age specified when they died.



Hamburg, Germany 1982



Memorial concentration camp Bergen-Belsen.

In the Documentation Centre of the former concentration camp Bergen-Belsen near the city of Hannover. In the center monitors are installed in those video contributions survivor be played. Until the liberation of the camp by British troops on 15 April 1945 at least 52,000 prisoners died in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp due to the prison conditions. For thousands it was a way station to the death camps. On the camp grounds there are many memorial sites and mass graves. On the photo you see the extensive documentation center from the inside and a former inmate who reported on the storage conditions



Germany, (2) 1999



Hamburg, Germany 2015




French pyrenees, 1985




Presentation Heinz Baade


Heinz Baade was born in 1958 in a small village in northern Germany.

He discovered at an early age, photography and natural sciences as his great passions and preserves both until today. His keen interest in the preservation of the environment led him to study environmental engineering sciences and he also built a career in the profession. Heinz Baade is a autodidact and he looks back on its own 40-year-old photographical experience. He encapsulates a wide range of subjects using analog cameras as he believes that too much of digital manipulation can rob the "soul" of an image.

However, he also has all his photographs digitized, because he came to the realization that the work is too time consuming in a darkroom. Heinz Baade believes that the magic of a photograph is often reinforced by the reduction to black & white; he attaches importance to a clear image construction with sharp contrasts, directness and authenticity. The nature of his photographic work includes a documentary style on the one side and on the other side an artistic aspect – but he also tries to combine both aspects.

Heinz Baade lives in Hamburg.



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