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Blazing Winter Forest


Fell Soulscape


Winter Trees




Fell Graphics










Dancing Trees


Hiding Moon


Polar Night










Blazing Forest


Midnight Sun


Green Giant




White Silence




The Bear


On the shore




Golden Snowfall




Rocky Slope


January Afternoon


Moment in Fell




Presentation Irma Varrio


Irma Varrio, photo artist (b. 1969), Finland

In my photo art my key theme is nature. I want to brake the boundaries of traditional nature photography. My images render nature as aestethic perceptions, as impressions. What most moves me is meeting nature on the emotional level: through my lens I see its depth and intricacy wrought into a dialogue of the seen and experienced.

The impressions are captured at the moment the picture is taken, the culmination of a process guided by studies of color, light, motion and form, as well as the use of experimental techniques. I use intentional camera movement and multiple exposure to create the impressions.

The impressionist movement has inspired me: I am fascinated by the lack of outlines, inspired by the ambient light and mood - in an aestethic in which the outline is fluid and colours and light visualize the multisensory experience of nature. Studying painting has also inspired me to rethink how images of nature are constructed, to see that this can be done layer by layer, as in painting. This approach has lent new depth to how I visualize my experience of nature.



Irma Varrio




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