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A Garden, Green PlacesTRACE: SKÅNE, PLANTED är också titlarna på 4 av Johns böcker

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A Garden




Green Places




A Garden  (2)


A Garden (3) 


A Garden (4) 


A Garden (5)  


Green Places (2) 


Green Places (3)


Green Places (4)


Green Places (5)


TRACE: SKÅNE (2) Baskemölla


TRACE: SKÅNE (3) Haväng


TRACE: SKÅNE (4) Lomma


TRACE: SKÅNE (5) Malmö










J O H N  S. W E B B


1950 Born Clapham Common, London.

1955-67 School in London.

1967-68 Assistant studio photographer.

1969-70 Traveled in Europe.

1970-73 Photography course at Medway College in Rochester, GB.

1973-74 Photographic Technician at Berkshire College, Reading, GB. 

1974 Moved to Sweden.

1976 Employed by Swedish photographic magazine "Aktuell Fotografi".

1977 Began working part time at Aktuell

Fotografi in order to devote more time to freelance work and personal projects. 
Self-published first book: "Still Movements".

1985 Layout and photographic material for a correspondence course in photography with Rune Jonsson.

1986-87 Working totally freelance. Lecturing at Lunds University on the course "The Photographic Image".
Self-published second book: "Images from Western Scania".
"Correspondent for European Photography.

1987-88 Guest lecturer at The School of Photography, Gothenburg University.
Published : "Spår" (Traces) with Sören Sommelius' text. Fyra Förläggare

1989- Employed part-time teaching at The School of Photography, Gothenburg University.

1989 Published : "Den idérike fotografen" (The creative thinking photographer) with Hans Alenius. Aktuell Fotografi.

1990 Working with EKODOK 90 project. A photographic environmental project funded by the Swedish department of culture.
Formed photographic book publishers "BILDiBOK" with five other photographers.

1991 Published fifth book :"Departure". Bildibok.

1991-96 Working on major research project: "The Tourists' Landscape: Containing Nature", funded by Gothenburg University.

1992- 1996 Webmaster for The School of Photography, Gothenburg University.

1993 Published "Woodland". Bildibok.

1994 Work published in EKODOK catalogue "I Människans Hand" (The Hand of Man).

Five year work-grant from The Swedish Authors Fund.
Portfolio: To the memory of Derek Bennet European Photography (D)

1996 - Published : "Sök Sebran". LL-Förlaget.
Member of Kulturrådet´s (Swedish Ministry of Culture)

grants advisory board for book publishers.(1996-1999)

Member of SFF's (Swedish Association of Photographers) board for authors. (1996-2004 )
Teaching Digital imagery at The School of Photography and Film, Göteborg University. Divorced. 
Started working on the long term photographic project: "High Ground".

A continuous series of images from mountainous regions around the world. Travelled in Norway.

1998 Member of reference board for Digital Bild Verkstad (Digital image and book workshop).(1998 - )
Compiling "Green Places" work to book and exhibition - published Spring 2000.
Research project "Arrival" funded by Göteborg University.
Together with Göran Boardy, finished an interactive CD ROM version of the book "Sök Sebran". Published by LL-Förlaget.
Göran's site

1999 Published Digital Bild with Stefan Ohlsson and Bosse Westerlund, Bonniers.
Finished working at The School of Photography and Film in Göteborg.
Continuing qtvr work on ØREDOK 

- a project concerning the consequences of building the Öresund bridge. Travelled in Nepal.

2000 Selection committee for Kungliga Biblioteket's 2000-2001 
"Svensk Bokkonst" (The Swedish Royal Library's - Swedish Book Art.)
Two months in Africa.

Published "Green Places" Nya Vyer, Stockholm.

2001 Started working as a photographer for Malmö Museum.

Contined teaching at Malmö University - Art & Communications - K3.  
Made and exhibited first video "Ring Road".

2003 Left Malmö Museum. Awarded major grant from Swedish Author's Fund "Income Guarantee".
Initiated external course: Digital Imagery at K3

2004 Published "Utflykter Kring Öresund" text Sören Sommelius. LL-Förlaget.
Traveled to Australia, Singapore and Tokyo, working on new project "Memorial".

2006 Traveled to Australia
Continuing working on Across Øresund series
Traveled to New York
First show of "Memorial - far from nature
Member of committee Fotografi i Fokus Biennial

2007 Published "ABC - mer " ll-förlaget, Stockholm.

2009 Published Photographs of Malmö.

With Finn Larsen. Visions of Öresund, Malmö.

Representative for Swedish Fotografers Association

within Kungliga Bibliotekets (The Royal Library, Stockholm)

comittee for Svensk Bokkonst.

2010 Published catalogue for "Up And Around the Sound".

John S. Webb and Lars Byggdemark. Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg.
Travelled to New Zealand and Australia - continuing work on High Ground.

2012 Published PLANTED. Nya Vyer, Stockholm.
Started work on Walking series.

2013 Published A Garden. Nyer Vyer, Stockholm

2014 Published ÖRESUND / ØRESUND. Pequod Press, Malmö.


One person exhibitions (selection)

1972 Stonhouse Street London Libraries.

1973 Skies and Shadows Impressions Gallery, York, GB.

1977 Still Movements, Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal, GB. Hull University,

GB, Gallery 1+1, Helsingborg, Sweden,

Camera Obscura, Stockholm.

1982-83 Bilder från södra Sverige, Malmö Museum touring exhibition.

1981 Light Waves Impressions Gallery, York GB. Trent Polytechnic

1984 Topografiska Bilder - Fotogalleriet i Lund, Sweden.(Topographic Images)

1986 Zones Billund's Airport, Denmark.

1988 Trees Museum zu Schaffhausen, Switzerland

1989 Spår (Traces) Båstad's Library.

1989 Minnen från åttiotalet - Helsingborg's Museum (Memories from the eighties.)

1991 Landscapes - Ljungsjögården, Skåne, Sweden

1992 Island vid vägkanten - Fotograficentrum, Malmö, Sweden (Roadside: Island)

1992 Vår tids kulturlandskap - Helsingborgs Museum, Sweden

(Cultural landscape of our age)

1992 Turistens Landskap - work in progress Galleri Röda Kvarn, Helsingborg, S.

(The Tourists' Landscape)

1997 Containers- an Internet exhibition. 
Norway 1997:

1998 Green Places / Gröna Platser - Fotogalleriet, Lund, Sweden. 

2002 Gröna Platser - Nordiska Museet Stockholm 

2006 Memorial - far from nature - Kulturen i Lund, Sweden.

2007 High Ground - Gallery Svenshög, Lund, Sweden.

2010 Öresund as part of the exhibition theme Up and Around the Sound

- Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg.

2011 High Ground II. Skepparholmen Stockholm

Group exhibitions: (selection)

1973 Serpentine Photography - Serpentine Gallery, London.

1974 Ten from Co-Optic - Touring exhibition 1974-1975, GB.

1975 Young British Photographers - British Council touring exhibition.
Portrait of a Region South East Arts touring exhibition.

1979 The Naked Environment - Salzburg College, Austria.

1981 Northern Light - The Ffotogallery in Wales.
Bländande Bilder Fotografiska Museet, Stockholm.
Marskatter (March Cats) Camera Obscura, Stockholm.

1983 Lust (Desire) - Camera Obscura, Stockholm.
Zeitgenössische Europäische Museum zu Schaffhausen, Fotografie Switzerland.

1983 Kulturfestival Luleå, Sweden.

1985 Helsingborgsbilder - Gallleri Nordvästen, Helsingborg. (Helsingborg images)
Trees Photographers Gallery, London.

1986-87 Nya Landskap - Touring exhibition in Sweden.
(New Landscapes)

1986 Kunstlerische Fotografie in International Photo symposium

- Skandinavien heute Düsseldorf.

1988 6x5 - Art Hall, Graz, Austria
Regional Museum, Gävle, Sweden.

1989 Landskap - (Landscape) Norrköpings Museum of Art, touring.

1991 Lika Med - Equals Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm.

1993 Naturfotografins Roll - Hasselblad Centre ,Göteborg

1994-1996 EKODOK: I Människans Hand (The Hand of Man)

- Jönköpings Läns Museum -
Nordiska Museet touring.
Julklappar (Christmas presents) Gallery Amidol, Gothenburg.

1997 Kulturvagn-En Resa i Sverige. A Journey in Sweden.

Swedish Railways Cultural Wagon
Die Ketting Noorderlicht, Netherlands

1998 Kust & Hav (Coast & Sea) - Krapperup Art Hall, Sweden.
SubUrban Options-photography and urbanization. Netherlands Foto Instituut.

1999 Fotografisk Konst - Hedbergs Konst Förening, Sweden.

2000 Brofästet - Öresound exhibition facility, Malmö.
Luoghi Come Paesaggi, European Landscape Convention Florence Italy. Touring.

2001-2002 ÖREDOK 
Barbacka Art Hall, Kristianstad, Sweden, Kommendanthuset, Malmö Museer,

Malmö Stadhuset. 

MIME - Migrating Memories, Museum Centre Vapriikki, Tammerfors, Finland.

Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery Nottingham GB (July),

Kommendanthuset, Malmö S. (September)
Rosengård, Malmö Museer. 
MIME - Malmö Museum touring.
Skånska Fotografer - Malmö Museum.

2003 Skånska Landskap - Krapperup Art Hall, Sweden

2004 - 2007 Facing East: Contempoary Landscape from Baltic Areas. 

Arts Institute BournemouthYork Impressions Gallery .... England. Touring.

2006 Fotografi - Wells House, Blentarp, Sweden.

2006-2007 Moderna Museet c/o Dunkers Kulturhus

- Dunkers Kulturhus, Helsingborg, Sweden.
Fotografi i Fokus

2008 New Photographs from Skåne - Gamla Bankhuset Brösarp.

2009 Fotografi i Fokus - Matton & Visions of Öresund.

2011 Time and Place - Visions of Öresund Gallery.
Bilder från Skåne - Visions of Öresund Gallery.
En annan historia/Another Story. Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

2012-2013 Öster om Ystad (East of Ystad) Ystads Konstmuseum,Ystad.

2014 A Way of Life, Moderna Museet, Malmö.
Between Realities, Photography in Sweden 1970-2000,

Gothenburg Museum of Art and Hasselblad Center, Gothenburg.

Österlen Coastal series, Galleri Final: Fabriken, Bästekille, Österlen.

LAND Gallery Banja Rathnov (Museumsbygningen) Copenhagen.

2015 Tedious Landscapes / Tråkiga Landskap, Skånes Konstförening, Malmö



Moderna Museet, Stockholm
Malmö Museum
Helsingborgs Museum
Region Skånes Konstsamling (The Regional Art Collection of Skåne)
Båstad Kommun (District Council)
Vellinge Kommun (District Council)
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Department of the Environment, London
Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris
Centre for Creative Photography, Tucson, USA
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
Brandenburgische Kunstsammlungen, Cottbus, Germany



Konstnärsnämnden, (The Arts Grants Committee), 1977, 1982, 1984, 1986, 1989, 1991.
Författarfonden, (The Swedish Authors' Fund), 1979, 1988. 1994 (Five year working grant), 2001
1999 (travel grant)
Garanterad Författarpenning (Author's Income Guarantee) 2003
Läromedelsförfattarnas Förening (Association of textbook authors) 1998
SFF fotokopieringsfond 1999
Gullers Stipendiat, Nordiska Museet 2001.

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