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Antelope canyon


Aravaipa canyon


Four peak


Barbados sunset


Grand canyon


Havasu falls, Arizona


Godafoss, Iceland


Monument, valley glow


Moonrise, Monument Valley  


Palouse barn


Seacave, Barbados


Trunkbay, sunrise. Virgin Islands, Barbados 


Kanarra canyon






Havasufalls, nocturne




Monte Verde, cloudforest, Costa Rica


Teardrop arch, Monument Valley




Presentation Kerrick James


Kerrick is an Imaging Ambassador for Ricoh-Pentax USA, and his cameras are the Pentax 645Z, Pentax K-1 MKII, and Pentax KP.

He uses all Pentax optics, from 10mm-450mm.


Kerrick James has photographed the American West and Pacific Rim for over 25 years as a travel journalist, with more than 200 magazine and book covers and hundreds of features illustrated. His credits include Natl. Geo. Adventure, Arizona Highways, Sunset, Conde Nast Traveler UK, Alaska Airlines Beyond, VIA, EnCompass, Outdoor Photographer, ExperienceScottsdale and many more.

In the past decade Kerrick has taught nearly 70 photo workshops in a wide variety of locations in Arizona, Alaska, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, Hawaii, California, Baja California, Costa Rica, Panama and Zambia. He’s taught for Arizona Highways Photo Scapes, on cruise ship based trips sponsored by Pentax, and now, his own company, KJ Photo Safaris

Kerrick has used Pentax cameras and optics his entire career and is a Pentax Brand Ambassador at trade shows and in numerous ads and videos. Kerrick also writes features for travel media, samples on request.

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Artist's Statement

I've spent my life photographing the wild lands of the American West and Pacific Rim and the people who live here.  It's been the realization of a dream to make a living showing people exploring and enjoying their environment, and to share their dreams through the looking glass that is photography. 







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