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En utställning av Kozue Ishimoto 


Vackra kulturfotografier av Kozue Ishimoto samt några andra motiv

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Zurich Lake  




Lovely Ship at Valetta Bay


Panorama Prague 


Valetta Before Sunset 


Way to Dead Sea


Vanican City


Venice Channel 


Misty Neuschwanstein Castle




Magic Hour at Jerusalem 


Rainbow over Dougga 


Egyptian camel 


Jerash Ruins


Jerash Ruin




Antik stad




Jeep tour at Wadi Rum 


Panorama Porto 


Sun beam




Dreamy Sahara


Rock Window


San Marino  


Great Sphinx of Giza


Pyramids and City of Giza 





My name is Kozue Ishimoto.

Born in Japan and currently located in Brno, Czech Republic. Started travel and photography 2 years ago and do mainly travel photography. Kozue ISHIMOTO

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