Liisa Hautamäki, fotograf, Finland

En utställning av Liisa Hautamäki

 Vackra sjö- och landskapsbilder av Liisa Hautamäki

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At the sea (1)


At the sea (2)


At the sea (3)


Elavisluoto, Finland


Forest pond




On the beach (1)


On the beach (2)


On the beach (3)


On the beach (4)


Walking in the woods


Grand Olds


Winter forest




Blue water


Late evening lake


Cloudy feels






Curly sunset




Sunset (1)


Sunset (2)


My evening


Sunset gold


Shy Moon


Good night (1)


Burning skyline


Full moon






Presentation Liisa Hautamäki


I`ve been wandering in the nature since I was a child. Later as an adult I connected with nature in a profound manner. When life presented its more unpleasant sides; the nature was a huge help in my recovery. I hiked the forests and the mountains and was addicted to the healing effect of nature. The nature is a wonderland.


Then I got heavily into photography. I really enjoy creative photography methods. I like to walk with my camera in the light of early mornings and evenings no matter the season. I am striving to tell a story about my relationship with nature through my photography, but sometimes I find it challenging due to my emotional ties. Sometimes I`m enjoying the nature without my camera, but usually I travel with my camera backpack.






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