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An photoexhibition by Mattias Knust


We Are 1108 - is a photo project created by the German photographer Matthias Knust. This project shows creativ people from different professions and art styles.Each artist becomes a photo from Matthias Knust and a short show of they're work in art. All photographs are black and white because this effect is timeless and very delightful. Sometimes it is a small discovery to take photos from creativ people because most of them are very shy and a little bit conservativ thats no problem for Matthias Knust. In such situations he do the best photos with big powerful feelings and authentic tableaux. Your welcome to visit the We Are 1108 website and see the expressiveness pictures from Matthias Knust.

If you want to be a part of the project please contact Matthias Knust.    Mattias Knust site: Mattias Knust

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Achim Barghorn 


Forian Wirth 


Holger Nitschke 




David Johannesson 


Annika Ohla 


Eddo Stern 


Helmut Feldmann 


Juergen Fastje 


Jejo Perkovic 


Axel Huhold 


Gerd Wienekamp 


Michael Olsen 


Ralf Gyllenhammar 


Fleur Frauenstein


Herr Back 

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