Pooja Parshivnikar fotograf

 An photoexhibition by Pooja Parshivnikar, India



Några ord av Pooja Parshivnikar

Well...about me..I am an Indian girl who happens to just love to click

photos. Specially of people. Making people smile and when they see their

photos, the smile on their face is just priceless. I am also a kindergarten

teacher who loves being with kids. See contact belowe


Alla bilder på denna hemsida är skyddade av upphovsrättslagen







Indian Village Girl






Kid trying to leave his mark on the sea






da shadow effect 










The cycle










Beautiful Morning 







Fisherman India


Mirror, mirror....





















Salute to the spirit

This child....goes to school buy selling food items... really...such a big responsibility at such young age... And it feels so good to see that even just a HELLO by us can bring such a precious smile on their faces
























How the time passes by...





Verken här av Pooja Parshivnikar som digital bildfil och måtten är 300 dpi, 12 Inches x 18 Inches. De kommer att vara redo för utskrift. Bildfilen kostar 120 USD. 

Copyright: Pooja Parshivnikar


The works here by Pooja Parshivnikar as a digital image file and its dimensions are 300 dpi, 12 Inches x 18 Inches. They will be ready for printing. The image file costs 120 USD.

Copyright: Pooja Parshivnikar 


Contact Pooja for pictures: surbhi.6@gmail.com or use the contactform


Here You can buy Pooja´s image 

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