Rafn Sigurbjörnsson, fotograf

En utställning av Rafn Sigurbjörnsson

Fine art, naturfoto från Island

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It's all about LOVING IT

Holuhraun Volcano






Seltún Geothermal area


Norrsken (1)


Norrsken (2)


Holuhraun Volcano


Holuhraun Volcano (2)






South coast


Nauthúsagil (1)


Nauthúsagil (2)




Strew (2)




Vattenfall (2)


The way South


Vattenfall (3) 


Jordbruk, Iceland






Highlands of Iceland (1)


Highlands of Iceland (2) 


Highlands of Iceland (3)  


Highlands of Iceland (4)  


Viking Village at Eystrahorn




Black Beach in winter 


Landmannalaugar and the surroundings


Sjö på Iceland


Morning sun 


River Patterns in the Sand (1)


Icefell from Glacier volcano Eyjafjallajokull  


River Patterns in the Sand (2)  


Colorful mountains and walleyes (1)


River Patterns in the Sand (4) 


Colorful walleyes  




Reykjavík by night and from air 


Spa in the middle of the Lava







Rafn Sig,- is well known freelance Icelandic photographer who have focused on the raw nature and landscape since he was a young boy. He has been hiking in the Icelandic highlands and low lands all his live and knows the nature and the hidden spots like a true native.

Rafn is a self-educated photographer and has worked as a freelance photographer for more than thirty years. He has got his photos published all over the world, like China, Germany, Scandinavian countries… both in magazines, as on the internet

Rafn lives his passion of photography by traveling, and exploring the nature of Iceland as well as other countries.

Along with running the stock photography website www.IceStockPhotos.com , Rafn Sig,- works on various photography projects, offers photo tours and workshops in Iceland as you can see if you visit his travel web: www.islandsmyndir.is

Feel free to send your request or call to book a photography tour, or purchase images or other requests.

Rafn Sig,- can be contacted by mail at rafn@islandsmyndir.is and buy works 

Rafn Sigurbjörnsson also on Twitter, Linkedin and G+




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