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Reflection during winter, Sweden


Winter in Fagersta Sweden


Tree, photographed during a snowstorm, France


Sunset at Tangevik, Sweden


Young ural owl, Sweden


Ural owl portrait, Sweden


Courtship, black grouse, Sweden (1)


Courtship, black grouse, Sweden (2)


Great grey owl, Sweden (1)


Great grey owl, Sweden (2)


Great grey owl, Sweden (3)


Marsh marigold, Sweden


Wild brown bear, Sweden (1)


Wild brown bear, Sweden (2)


Wood anemone, Sweden


Northern lights, Norway (1)


Northern lights, Norway (2)


Sunset, Tromsö, Norway


Northern lights, Tungeneset, Norway


White tailed eagle, Sweden


Bruarfoss, Iceland


Winter landscape, Norway (1)


Winter landscape, Norway (2)


Jokulsarlon, Iceland


Harpa, Iceland


Dragonfly, Belgium


Common frog, Sweden


Lille Vildmose, Denmark


Ayous lake, France


Kalmthout heath at sunrise, Belgium


Common crane, Sweden


Butterfly, Malaysia


Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine, Japan





Presentation Sylvia Adams


My name is Sylvia Adams and I’m a bit of a nomad, I feel as if the whole world is my home.
I’m a nature and travel photographer, originally from Belgium, who moved to Central Sweden in June 2017.
I have been passionate about nature and travel photography since 2013. As a chief-accountant back then, I wanted to spend more time outdoors instead of between 4 walls and the courses I followed lead to where I am now.

Nature and travel photography is all about discovering new places, possibilities and trying to take that extra step to make an outstanding picture. You will see in the gallery that I prefer colorful images.
I moved to Sweden to start my own company ‘Amazing Nature Scandinavia’ in the province of Västmanland, where Europe’s densest wilderness can be found. For a nature photographer, there is no better place on this planet.
I share the overwhelming nature of my home base by offering nature photography workshops, wilderness safaris, great grey owl safaris and nature photo walks.

I work together with other partners for wildlife safaris, birdwatching and accommodation, in that way I don’t only offer activities, but I also work as a travel agency for nature lovers and nature photographers from all over the world.



Amazing Nature Scandinavia

Tel: +46 (0)70 230 68 70

Personal website:






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